The Greatest Sacrifice

Alexander Simmons
2 min readApr 7, 2020

The world is sacrificing freedom for “security” — though how “secure” we will be is up for debate. Human beings are social creatures, but millions are being forced into isolation by government fiat.

We are told that doing so is our sacrifice in order to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are sacrificing our freedom to buy whatever we want from a local boutique.

We are sacrificing our freedom to meet for coffee inside a Starbucks.

We are sacrificing our freedom to shake hands, stand closer than six feet away from each other, and to meet in large groups.

We are sacrificing comfort.

We are sacrificing our jobs and the global economy.

We are sacrificing our family gatherings — which is especially pertinent as we approach Easter.

We are sacrificing our churches on the altar of “freedom.”

However inconvenient these sacrifices are, they pale in comparison to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for our sins.

An all powerful God became a human being to experience human suffering.

He suffered immense torture, ridicule, and ultimately died so that we could have eternal life without having to sacrifice animals in the temple.

All we have to do is sacrifice our pain, suffering, and sin nature by accepting the free gift of salvation made possible by Christ’s sacrifice.

Easter is supposed to be a global reminder of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Pandemic or not, we need reminded of the true reason for this season.

In this time of great sacrifice, we should remember the greatest sacrifice.



Alexander Simmons

Mr. Simmons has an MA in Sociology from UNLV and is an accomplished author with a published book and over 150 blogs and articles.